If you haven’t toured the research laboratory yet, chances are you don’t know enough about the research funded by OCI. Click Here (OCI_18-The Time is Now) to get intimate insight on what is done for ovarian cancer research at Georgia Tech.

The ovarian cancer research funded by OCI focuses on diagnostics and therapeutics. More specifically, there are 3 projects ongoing in the laboratory:

  • validating an early (Stage I) diagnostic test for ovarian cancer
  • a drug predictive algorithm that can tell a patient what chemotherapy would be most effective for them
  • and a nanoparticle delivery system (of medicine) to eliminate the tumor, without harming the rest of the body

With your support, we can continue this life-changing research. The time is NOW, to cure ovarian cancer.

To tour the lab or find out more about the Ovarian Cancer Institute, contact Kathryn Harper at (404) 300-2997 or info@ovariancancerinstitute.org .

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