It is OCI’s mission to continue full-funding of the lab year after year, allowing the researchers to spend more time conducting research and less time seeking funding. The greatest expense in a laboratory, however, is one that many do not realize… PEOPLE.

It is the brilliant scientific brains that carry the greatest value. OCI has created fellowships to establish continual funding for each researcher’s position in the lab. Lack of funding results in layoffs and delayed progress of the research.

This can be done through an individual, corporation, or a team of people that together could fund 1 fellowship.


1 Fellowship = $120,000 per year

Total Number of Fellows = 7 per year


With your support the lab will be able to continue its groundbreaking work to improve ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Thank You To Our Major Partners

Join us in the fight to detect ovarian cancer early and
empower communities with the knowledge to save lives!

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