OCI Events

Fund Raising & Pop Up Events

Host your own fundraiser! The Ovarian Cancer Institute would be honored to partner with individuals hosting a “pop up event.” These spontaneous, unique events are planned and executed by private donors, with support from the Ovarian Cancer Institute, in effort to benefit the organization.

Event examples include everything from private dinner parties, CockTeal parties, birthday celebrations, trivia night, picnics and concerts. So, pick a place, a time, and a group of people to join the Ovarian Cancer Institute making memories and saving lives.

One event done on behalf of OCI each year is TOOTSIE’s Teal to Heal survivor fashion show. We are honored to be a part of this meaningful evening each year and look forward to the next!

Thank You To Our Major Partners

Join us in the fight to detect ovarian cancer early and empower communities with the knowledge to save lives!

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