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Ovarian Cancer Research That Sets Us Apart

Among gynecologic cancers, ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death in the United States. Vague symptoms and the lack of a diagnostic test make innovative research and awareness education vital to turning fear into knowledge; devastation into passion; and tough odds into improved outcomes.

The Ovarian Cancer Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to researching this “too often” devastating cancer. The research conducted at the Ovarian Cancer Institute funded laboratory focuses on accurate diagnostics and improved therapeutics to change the future for women suffering from ovarian cancer. Please join us in our quest to change the odds and save more lives!

The Ovarian Cancer Institute & Georgia Tech have developed The Test!

The Ovarian Cancer Institute, in partnership with Georgia Tech, has developed an a method to detect ovarian cancer that is highly accurate in patients with Stage 1 disease. The study, entitled “Highly-accurate metabolomic detection of early-stage ovarian cancer,” was published in the November 17th issue of Nature’s online journal “Scientific Reports.” “We are thrilled to provide women with such a highly accurate test,” says Dr. Benigno – CEO of the Ovarian Cancer Institute. We are elated to offer new hope to women of the future and continue our projects for women of  the present. While our diagnostic project is near completion, OCI/GT researchers continue their work on direct therapeutics to delete the disease more directly and in a less toxic manner. At the Ovarian Cancer Institute we will continue our funding efforts for this successful research team. If you would like to support us please visit the Donate page. For now, there is not a timeline of when the test will be available publicly. We are working diligently to bring it to market as quickly as possible!   See our recent media coverage here! http://ovariancancerinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Fox-5-Interview-12.2015.mp4 Fox5 Atlanta Georgia Health... read more

Can Men Develop Ovarian Cancer?

Worry not—no, men cannot have ovarian cancer. However, their suffering from an ovarian cancer diagnosis of the woman in their lives is REAL. Men, too, endure the pain of learning their wife, mother, sister, etc. has ovarian cancer. They research online for weeks about the disease, soak in the latest cancer news, attend doctor appointments, and experience exciting highs and gut-wrenching lows.

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What’s an Ovarianerd?

“Ovarianerds:” noun ; people who are dedicated to, and care a ridiculous amount about, ovaries.

Wow, did we just say that? Yes, we did. As uncomfortable as the word might seem to others, in our world, “ovaries” are the focus, and accordingly, the topic of regular (all) discussion. We like ovaries. In fact, we LOVE them. Some might say that we’re fanatics about ovaries. That’s probably true. Perhaps even more interesting to us, however, are the women to whom they belong.

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